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Are you looking for a freelance quantity surveyor in Hobart? If so, we have the perfect freelance construction industry specialist. This individual has an extensive understanding of this field and will be able to provide you with all your needs. Reach out today for more information. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our services!

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What is a Quantity Surveyor?

Quantity surveyors (QS) are responsible for providing advice and services associated with cost estimating, value management, and commercial management of construction projects. They also provide advice on risk minimisation and legal compliance, as well as claim preparation and evaluation.

Quantity surveyors may be employed by specialist cost estimation consultancies, where they will work closely with architects, engineers and contractors to ensure that the project’s design is realistic in terms of budget and schedule requirements. 

Alternatively, they may be employed by large companies or public sector bodies directly involved in construction projects.

Quantity Surveyor Hobart

What Does a Quantity Surveyors Do?

Quantity surveyors provide producers, contractors and owners with information about the cost of a project. They prepare estimates for construction projects and track costs as they go, communicating to the client if they fall outside of what is budgeted. 

This position requires a person to have an understanding of building methods, regulations and codes.

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freelance Quantity Surveyor Hobart

Role of Hobart Quantity Surveyors:

Quantity surveyors work on projects from conception to completion, their roles vary depending on the size and structure of their organisation, but typically include:    

Assisting in project inception with advice on how best to achieve economical use of resources for the benefit of the client. Advising on design and construction methods to ensure cost-effective delivery. Executing accurate measurement and costing of work executed by others on behalf of clients, contractors or other professionals

They play a major role in the success of client projects. We at Measure Manage handle the following on a daily basis:

Our Quantity Surveying Services

We offer the full range of quantity surveying services, specialising in small to medium sized projects.

Pre-construction Phase

Construction Phase

Post Construction Phase

Quantity Surveyor in Hobart

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Quantity Surveyors in Hobart

What is a Quantity Surveyor Report?

The Quantity Surveyor’s report for a construction project outlines the building’s current status, explains its potential risks, and sets out guidelines to complete it on time and within budget. 

Quantity surveyors may prepare these reports during the design stage or once construction has begun. Quantity surveyor reports are also commonly used in permanent structures which require maintenance or refurbishment work.

Check Out Hobart Quantity Surveying Report sample:

Benefits of Hiring a Quantity Surveyor

A qualified quantity surveyor will have extensive knowledge of commercial construction projects. They will provide you with accurate, up-to-date advice on building costs and what is required in terms of design. 

Their significant experience allows them to manage the sub-trade contracts which can be invaluable when managing your project.

Why Choose Us as Your Quantity Surveyor?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a quantity surveyor can provide invaluable insights into the cost estimation and management of construction projects. With their professional expertise, they are able to provide analysis on material costs, labour costs and other associated fees which can ultimately save you time and money.


Quantity surveyors use a combination of expertise, experience, and research to estimate construction costs. They analyze material costs, labour costs as well as other associated fees such as taxes, insurance and permits. Additionally, they may also take into account inflation rates and depreciation of materials over time.


Quantity surveying is a vital component of construction projects, ensuring that costs are managed properly and the project stays within budget. By utilizing precise estimates and cost calculations, they help to reduce unnecessary expenses while allowing for more efficient utilization of resources. This in turn leads to improved project planning, better management, and an overall reduction in costs which benefit both the client and contractor.


Whether you are a ‘Mum and Dad’ team building for the first time or a multi-national contractor, everyone really needs a Quantity Surveyor.


Hiring a quantity surveyor for your project can sometimes be harder than you expect. Professional and good quantity surveyors can be difficult to find, and unfortunately, our industry has had a skills shortage! While hiring a quantity may not be as easy, finding the right one may take some time!