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Material and quantity takeoff services are required prior to the commencement of a project estimation. The accuracy and thoroughness of the material take offs is crucial to the success of any project. 

Measure Manage can help you generate accurate and timely construction takeoff services with our team of estimators.


Material and Quantity Takeoffs in Construction

We specialise in providing material take offs for every type of construction trade in the industry. Taking off quantities from drawings is one of the processes that we are highly skilled and competent at performing.

We also include project notes in our take off sheet template, allowing explanations for the basis of which the estimation is made. This comes in handy when keeping track of progress during the course of the project.

Our team is fully equipped with the best technology and software to give you the most accurate takeoffs possible. Our turnaround time is also among the quickest available in Australia, making us your reliable partner for takeoff services where we meet your deadlines.

Material Take Off List

Measure Manage has completed hundreds of successful material take-off projects over the years covering aspects such as:

    • Demolition
    • Groundworks
    • Piling
    • Concrete
    • Formwork
    • Reinforcement
    • Prestressing
    • Precast Concrete
    • Tanking and Waterproof Membranes
    • Masonry
    • Stonework
    • Structural Steel
    • Metalwork
    • Roofing
    • Facade Systems
    • Windows
    • Glazing
    • Carpentry
    • Partitions
    • Suspended Ceilings
    • Access Floors
    • Doors
    • Hardware
    • Applied Finishes, Render, and Textured Finishes
    • Tiling, Slab and Paving
    • Carpet and Resilient Finishes
    • Painting
    • Joinery
    • Furniture, Fittings, and Equipment
    • Hydraulics
    • Drainage
    • Electrical Installations
    • Mechanical Installations
    • Transportation Services
    • Exterior Elements
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When Should a Material and Quantity Takeoff Take Place?

Quantity takeoffs are generally performed early on during the bidding process.

During the estimation process, a quantity surveyor may have to make frequent adjustments to the material and quantity takeoff, typically due to:

      • Design changes
      • Additional engineering requirements 
      • Changes in what the client wants
 So, the material and quantity takeoff is often a living document that undergoes many changes until a design is finalised and a bid is secured. While this may not be the case for smaller projects, large or complex projects will almost certainly require many revisions to the quantity takeoff. 

How Do We Manage Material Take Offs?

We value precision and are always working towards achieving it in all projects that we undertake. Our client base ranges from architects, engineers, and large developers, to suppliers and building owners.

We cater for large-scale projects as well as smaller developments, handling every project with the utmost precision and speed.

We have worked on the following types of projects:

Civil Projects

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Culverts
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Mining and regional projects


  • Apartments
  • Fit Outs
  • Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Landscaping
  • Education
  • Defence
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Recreational


  • New Builds
  • Renovations
  • Landscaping


Our Material Quantity Take Off Process

At Measure Manage, we follow a detailed record system to include:

  • Document source and the date
  • Name of the estimator and date recorded
  • The location inside the project
  • Verified calculations and inclusions like loss or wastage

We have completed hundreds of successful material take off estimation projects over the years covering aspects such as:

  • Excavation quantity take off
  • Drywall take off
  • Lumber take off service
  • Earthwork quantity take off
  • Rebar quantity take off


Who is the Best for Construction Material and Quantity Takeoff?

At Measure Manage we understand the importance of getting everything right. From overseeing the scope of the quantity and material take off process, through to drawing up contracts and providing fully-fledged business development strategies. 

We handle every aspect of your building and construction needs and assist in commencing and completing projects with great success and meticulous attention to detail.

Measure Manage has a proven record of delivering accurate and comprehensive take off services. With our focused approach your construction project is in good hands and you’ll be sure t see a successful and timely completion.

Most quantity take off processes involve some level of automation tools to make the task easier and more reliable. There are many types of quantity take off software available to assist with this process. Every piece of engineering data and design detail available needs to be taken into account for taking off in quantity surveying.

Measure Manage can help you generate accurate and timely material take offs with our team of expert estimators. We provide comprehensive taking off services in quantity surveying in Australia using the latest tools and applications.

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