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Civil Cost Estimation Services are the calculation of all costs that go into civil construction work.  We at Measure Manage provide civil cost estimating services for contractors and subcontractors in Australia.  

Civil cost estimating informs everything from the project timeline, materials, tools, quantities, costs, and labour.

What is a Civil Cost Estimator?

The civil estimator is tasked with bidding on projects that are on a tender. In essence, civil estimating services is a mix of engineering, construction supervision, and construction project management. 

One of the essential parts of construction of any project is having an outline of all the materials, tools, equipment and associated costs as well as their quantities. Without this information, contractors run into problems like shortage of materials or tools during construction.

Independent Cost Estimator vs In-House Cost Estimator

When you hire a civil cost estimation service to handle your estimating needs, you’re leveraging professionals with decades of experience with cost databases and estimating tools.

      • Because estimates and take offs are their day-to-day work, they effortlessly manage the headache of learning updates to pricing and software so you don’t have to. 
      • Independent cost estimators are better than in-house cost estimators for assessing the cost of a project as they have an objective view of the cost of the proposed project. 
      • Hiring an in-house estimating department can be too expensive to remain sustainable.

This high cost adds to your business’ overhead without bringing in any profit, until the projects that are being estimated are won and completed at a good rate of profit.

Potential losses and excessive overhead like this are one of the reasons why part of the digital transformation process involves outsourcing your estimating department to construction estimating services. 

When there are not a lot of projects to stay on top of, you’re not paying someone’s wages, benefits and taxes to sit idle and wait for the next project to come your way. Instead, you are simply paying for the service to handle the estimates when the projects come in.   

Another reason to bring on an independent cost estimator is for the purpose of transparency. Assuming a company is preparing a report for the cost of a project for its stakeholder, it may decide to use independent professionals rather than in-house estimators to infuse more transparency into their process.

Importance of Estimation in Civil Engineering


Professional Civil Estimation services are vital for professional contractors and subcontractors and, while it may be challenging, finding a civil estimator can help ease the work. In some cases, outsourcing civil cost estimation works better, and contractors can focus on placing bids.

Contractors can not afford to have errors in estimates, as it can jeopardise the construction process. The accuracy and precision of cost estimates is imperative. 

It is essential to get a civil estimator who understands the project. Civil estimation cost requires careful planning, and underestimations can hinder the project priceline.

The construction industry, especially civil engineering, is very competitive. Therefore, civil estimation and costing requires thorough focus, attention to detail, and thinking outside of the box.

With rapid growth of technology, software to aid in cost estimates for construction projects is now more helpful than ever. They reduce margins for error and make the progress easier and quicker. 


5 Benefits of Outsourcing Construction Estimating Services

1. Win More Bids with Fast, Accurate Estimates

You can focus on getting the job done, while we manage and accurately estimate your costs.

2. Eliminate Overhead that Cuts into Profit Margins

Why keep idle estimators on the payroll with expensive benefits and taxes when you can instead pay a service that only charges you when they are working?

3. Save Money by Increasing Margins

Construction estimating services not only save you money by reducing overhead, but they also save you money by delivering accurate estimates that ensure projects are completed under budget.

4. Eliminate Headaches and Wasted Time

You don’t have to chase down material price changes. We can take it from here…

5. Grow Your Business

More importantly, you can focus on what matters most… running your business.

Civil Estimator vs Civil Quantity Surveyor

Civil Quantity Surveyors manage costs during a civil engineering construction project.  This means they work closely with a civil estimator. 

Quantity surveyors can, however, work on renovations and maintenance as well as new projects.

The Role of A Civil Estimator

A strong estimator is a forward planner who thinks 2 steps ahead and thinks beyond the visible. 

Some key responsibilities of a Civil Estimator include:

  • Assesses risk levels on a project
  • Gathers quotes from subcontractors, contractors and suppliers
  • Researches necessary materials, equipment, tools, labour, and costs
  • Prepare quotation estimations for the work
  • Help bid and support buying for the clients
  • Monitor construction progress and track the costs

An excellent civil quantity surveyor helps cut costs to ensure that the client does not incur too much on the project. Moreover, a civil quantity surveyor with the role of providing a civil cost estimation service with ensuring that all construction requirements, regulations, legal issues, and quality assurances are met.

The Role of a Civil Quantity Surveyor

  • Values completed work and organises pay for workers
  • Negotiate tenders and contracts 
  • Coordinates work
  • Handles legal issues for the project

Best Civil Estimating Services in Australia

Here at Measure Manage we have experience from working on a wide range of challenging civil infrastructure projects. By providing accurate and timely cost advice throughout all phases of a building project, we have been recognised for our high performance standards across Australia and the UK as well.

Measure Manage is a Professional Civil Estimating Service in Perth Western Australia.

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