Owner Builders

The role of a quantity surveyor is critical to the successful completion of a construction project; they collaborate with project managers and provide invaluable services ranging from cost estimates to financial settlements at the end.

Early on, when projects are but mere sketches in an Owner-Builder’s mind, QS will assess design factors such as building type/location/area etc., and present their initial estimate – usually presented in percentage ranges with high & low values determined by the level of finish required. Without doubt this professional input allows for more informed decision making along every step of what can be complex journey!

With the owner-builders’ new house design coming to fruition, a bill of quantities can be produced through careful measurement by the quantity surveyor. This BoQ will provide much greater accuracy in cost estimation and allow for crucial decisions to be made ahead of construction commencement – all while living up to architectural dreams!

By utilizing the BoQ document, owner-builders can expect to benefit from a highly detailed tendering process. Prices and rates will be carefully scoped out by subcontractors competing for their work; this strategy has proven successful when compared to simply sending drawings and specifications without any information on specific costs associated with each detail of the job.

Measure Manage provides a range of construction services like:

By utilising the Bill of Quantities produced by Measure Manage, clients benefit from an accurate and reliable document showcasing a detailed breakdown of cost estimates for each element required in their project.

Effective Tendering: Since the process of measuring has already been explained, a Bill of Quantities (BoQ) tends to increase the number of bids that come back to the owner-builder with a price. Subbies dislike measuring quantities, as they should not; that is the QS’s job!

Tendering Uniformity: Due to the fact that all competing subcontractors are given the same document to price, the BQ provides a “level playing field” for bidding.

Pricing Variations: There are no ambiguities regarding the subcontractor’s rates, preventing any potential disputes. Due to a soft spot in the ground, the trench foundations may need more concrete if the amount needs to be changed during construction.

Payment Accuracy: Subcontractor payments can be accurately calculated for the value of work done.

Cashflow monitoring: It is an important tool for comparing subcontractor and supplier quotes to the budget so that you don’t run out of money near the end of the project.

Finance approval: an independent, professionally made document that, along with key quotes, can help banks and other lenders meet the growing demand for loans.

Bank Progress Payments: When the priced BoQ document is in line with the building schedule, it will be easy to make a correct cash flow statement. The owner-builder will be able to plan financing payments if he or she knows exactly where and when money will come in.

Advice on buildability: During the BoQ measurement process, an experienced quantity surveyor will look carefully at the drawings and specifications a long time before the project starts. Questions are addressed prior to their becoming infuriating, expensive, and time-consuming construction phase complications.

Measure Manage uses the advanced CostX® software to deliver BoQ documents with an accuracy and speed that can’t be beat. This cutting-edge technology has enabled us to provide big quantity surveying firm results at small QS firm fees!