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Painting Calculator

A cost-effective method of making your old home look like new is to give it a coat of paint. However, it’s rather difficult to determine the exact quantity of paint you’ll need to buy. This is where a painting calculator can help!

Our paint calculator helps determine the smallest quantity of paint you will need for the entire project. The tool assumes a certain fixed coverage for one liter of paint.

In order to get an estimate of the amount of paint required, you need to furnish:

  • The length and height of the walls
  • The total area of doors, windows, skirting in square meters (essentially those areas that don’t need paint)
  • Coverage area- what area can be covered by a litre of paint
  • Number of coats that you would probably require (optimal coverage demands a minimum of two coatings)
  • Don’t forget to include the ceiling also if it needs to be painted

The paint calculator will furnish the amount of paint that is required for a single coat and also the total amount needed in liters. Buying the estimated amount should do the job pretty well. However, you need to factor in aspects like condition of the surface, the texture of walls and colour of paints to be used to get a more accurate estimate.

Where Can Our Paint Calculator Be Used?

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What Does Our Paint Calculator Do?

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What Does Our Paint Calculator Estimate?

  • House painting cost estimating
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What Does Our Paint Calculator Not Include?

  • Preparation work
  • Tools
  • Labour
  • Transport of materials

Tools Required for your Painting Project:

  • Rollers
  • Brushes
  • Paint trays
  • Dust sheets
  • Filler
  • Scrapers
  • White spirits
  • Sugar soaps

Watch this video below, where I show you exactly how to use our Paint Calculator, and explain what the calculation results mean. This will give you everything you need to correctly calculate the paint costs and quantity required for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much paint will I need?

How much paint you need is something tricky and complicated due to all the factors you need to consider. Considerations such as what the paint is being applied to such as brickwork, plaster, timber or metalwork. Use our calculator to find out the amount of paint you need.

How many square meters does 4 litres of paint cover?

This depends on the paint and the surface that will be painting on. For example, paint coverage on brickwork will be less then on plasterwork. Check the manufactures recommendation for the type of paint you want to use – this is the best place to check.

How to estimate cost of painting a house?

First you need to work out the amount of paint you require then multiply the qty by the cost of the paint. You need to remember that you have to round up the quantity required to the nearest tin size.