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If you’re looking for a freelance quantity surveyor in Townsville, we can help. We have extensive experience and expertise in the construction industry. If you need someone with an eye for detail and precision, we are your people!

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What is a Quantity Surveyor?

A Quantity Surveyor is a person who is responsible for providing information about the quantities of materials, labor, and work required to complete a construction project. They perform these tasks through an analysis of construction plans and specifications as well as knowledge obtained during site inspections.

They use their knowledge to predict the cost of constructing something before it is actually built. They apply physical principles such as mathematics, economics, engineering science, and the laws of physics to do their job.

They sometimes specialize in only one aspect of this line of work such as cost control or contract administration or a specific area such as residential or commercial buildings.

What Does a Quantity Surveyors Do?

A quantity surveyor is a contractor who, as part of the management team, manages and supervises projects from inception to completion. A quantity surveyor has many roles and responsibilities and therefore, his tasks and activities vary depending on where he or she works.

For example, if a quantity surveyor worked for a general building contractor then their work would mostly consist of tendering and cost control functions.

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Role of Townsville Quantity Surveyors:

Construction is a multi-billion dollar industry all over the globe. It requires a lot of people to make sure everything gets done right and on time. 

Quantity surveyors are a major part of the construction, as they help to make sure that the costs of a project are well under budget and that the work is completed on time.

They play a major role in the success of client projects. We at Measure Manage handle the following on a daily basis:

Our Quantity Surveying Services

We offer the full range of quantity surveying services, specialising in small to medium sized projects.

Pre-construction Phase

Construction Phase

Post Construction Phase

Quantity Surveyor Townsville

Contact us for a Chartered Quantity Surveyor Townsville, Australia call us on 0498 202 445 or email us at

Quantity Surveyor in Townsville

What is a Quantity Surveyor Report?

A Quantity Surveyor Report is a written report that contains information about quantity surveyor-related matters such as the development of an initial brief, procurement strategies, and scoping options. 

It also outlines the Quantity Surveyor’s work on modifying, developing, and executing cost plans and monitoring costs during the course of the works.

Check Out Townsville Quantity Surveying Report Sample:

Benefits of Hiring a Quantity Surveyor

The QS is an expert in valuation, costing, and contract administration. You can be sure that their assessment is accurate since they are independent of the main contractor, and thus shall not favor one party over another. 

The QS is responsible for preparing bills of quantities (BOQs), supervising work on-site, checking off materials against BOQs throughout the course of works, and sending out warning letters to contractors who fail to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract

Why Choose Us as Your Quantity Surveyor?

When it comes to quantity surveyors, and we want to make sure that you choose the right one for your needs.

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Contact us for a Chartered Quantity Surveyor Townsville, Australia call us on 0498 202 445 or email us at

Townsville Quantity Surveyor

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a quantity surveyor can provide invaluable insights into the cost estimation and management of construction projects. With their professional expertise, they are able to provide analysis on material costs, labour costs and other associated fees which can ultimately save you time and money.


Quantity surveyors use a combination of expertise, experience, and research to estimate construction costs. They analyze material costs, labour costs as well as other associated fees such as taxes, insurance and permits. Additionally, they may also take into account inflation rates and depreciation of materials over time.


Quantity surveying is a vital component of construction projects, ensuring that costs are managed properly and the project stays within budget. By utilizing precise estimates and cost calculations, they help to reduce unnecessary expenses while allowing for more efficient utilization of resources. This in turn leads to improved project planning, better management, and an overall reduction in costs which benefit both the client and contractor.


Whether you are a ‘Mum and Dad’ team building for the first time or a multi-national contractor, everyone really needs a Quantity Surveyor.


Hiring a quantity surveyor for your project can sometimes be harder than you expect. Professional and good quantity surveyors can be difficult to find, and unfortunately, our industry has had a skills shortage! While hiring a quantity may not be as easy, finding the right one may take some time!