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Wall Paper Calculator

Wallpaper is a great way to deck your walls up. However, if you’re not an interior decorator or a professional, you really can’t tell how much of paper you will actually need. 

Cost also might prove to be a dampener. Not to worry though! A wallpaper calculator will let you know how many rolls you require, and how much that is likely to cost you.

  • For starters, measure the walls or the ceiling that you want to cover. Enter the length,  height, and width
  • Enter the number of doors and windows leaving default dimensions as they are. If there are different sizes, calculate the total area and enter the figure
  • Also, enter the length and width of the wallpaper roll, paper repeat, and cost of one roll.

All these values will be mentioned on the packaging itself.

Once you get all these figures into the calculator, it will tell you how many square feet of wallpaper you need, the number of rolls and how much you’re likely to spend. 

It’s a good idea to not minus the door and window space while calculating the amount of ‘usable’ wallpaper you’ll need. Having a little extra wallpaper won’t set you back a lot.

Watch the wallpaper and cost estimating video right now!

Where Can Our Wallpaper Calculator be used?

  • Bedroom wallpaper
  • Living room wallpaper
  • Hallway wallpaper
  • Study room wallpaper
  • Kitchen wallpaper

What Does our Wallpaper Calculator Do?

  • Calculate how many rolls of wallpaper
  • How to measure for wallpaper
  • How to calculate wallpaper
  • Wallpaper coverage calculator
  • Wallpaper measurement calculator

What Does Our Wallpaper Calculator Estimate?

  • Wallpaper roll quantity estimator
  • Wallpaper adhesive quantity estimator
  • Wallpaper area coverage
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