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Construction estimating services and building cost estimating are an integral part of any construction project.

We at Measure Manage are your perfect partners for providing professional construction estimating services. We have the necessary experience obtained from numerous estimation projects in construction, where we have provided detailed construction costs to our clients.

Our experience and expertise in the estimating service will give you confidence by producing accurate and detailed tenders. 

Construction Estimating

building cost estimator


This includes costing for the heavy machinery and other equipment required to complete the project. For example; scaffolding, cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and forklifts.

construction estimator


Estimating the number of resources needed to complete the project successfully is another important part of construction cost estimating services.

Estimating in building construction


Materials form another integral part of the building estimating service. These can include items such as bricks, cement, mortar, sealants, wood etc. and this assisted by having a detailed Bill of Quantities.


All the costs associated with running of a construction project that are not direct costs. Items such as; supervision, temporary work site cabins, and vehicles.

Measure Manage are fully equipped to deal with any size and type of construction estimating project.

Construction Estimating - The Process


  • Identify long lead items to procurement.
  • Populate procurement plan. 
  • Select correct parties for the plan – suppliers, consultants, subcontractors etc.
  • Organise and review tender documentation
  • Provide a notification to the client for your intention to provide a submission.
  • Setup Bill of Quantities and works classifications.
  • Prepare any tender questions early to allow a timely response.
  • Where possible, visit the site to become aware of the site conditions and access.
  • Review specifications identify any items which may affect the tender or aspects of the specification which we do not comply. 
  • Review all other information provided to get an understanding of the project scope.

During Estimate

  • Quantity take off to establish both the type and volume of works
  • Apply the final quantities to the bill of quantities ready for estimating.
  • Use the bill of quantities to assist in making the procurement list to ensure timely submission.
  • Review all procurement responses and choose the best to be incorporated into the estimate.
  • Use the prices received to build up items from first principles to establish the costs.
  • Test rate against old existing cost data or market rates.
  • Build up the cost of the project preliminaries and office overheads.
  • Assess any risks project presents and consider adding a contingency sum to the estimate.
  • Finalise all direct and indirect costs of a project and present to the client. 
  • Agree with the client and apply a markup to the project.
  • Provide submission to the client for review.

Post Estimate

  • Review costs against budgets and invoices against contract pricing to make sure estimating was correct. Continually review the process to make sure future estimating incorporates any lessons learned.
  • Review areas of gain and loss to identify areas of over/under estimating.
  • Carry out a post contract review to identify any lessons learned.

What Types of Estimation Services Do We Offer?

  • Commercial Developments a commercial construction cost estimator is used for buildings such as offices and warehouses.
  • Renovations and Extensions – building estimators are required for projects such as remodelling buildings, repairing damaged structures, extending floors or rooms within existing buildings, and the like.
  • New Homes – building new homes, though on a smaller scale than large commercial structures, also require thorough home building cost estimators. Some important aspects that come under home construction cost estimators include electrical estimator, plumbing cost estimator, design cost estimator, etc.
  • Civil Projects – building estimates contractors are used for civil construction projects as well.

 When setting a project’s parameters, it is essential to provide a well-researched cost estimation for building construction. Keeping in mind that time also plays an important factor in the estimation process.

The longer the project runs, the more costs are incurred. It is important to fix the prices to a date to avoid any confusion, if the project overruns through no fault of our clients works. Fixing the project duration could leave you exposed to costs which you cannot recover.

We at Measure Manage are skilled in all the above building estimate types, and are capable of providing quality and timely construction estimating services. Some specialised trades that we partner with include concrete companies, carpentry companies, electrical companies, plumbing companies, etc.

How Do We Estimate For You?

Cost estimation for building construction can be handled in multiple ways, depending on the available content and the size of the project. Here are some ways that we at Measure Manage go about giving you the perfect construction cost estimation.

First-Principles Estimation – This method involves estimating costs based on the principle aspects of construction such as plant, labour, and materials.

Using Existing Data – Cost estimation for building construction can also be done using the client’s existing rates and adjusting them to the current project needs. Market conditions and current rates also come into context when getting such estimates and many more. 

Our focus is on precision. We understand the importance of accuracy when undertaking cost estimation for building construction, as the success of the project depends on it. Our estimates are reliable and you can count on us to minimize wastage and over/under-budgeting while taking into account all relevant factors.

Benefits of Construction Cost Estimating

Construction cost estimating offers several crucial benefits to ensure the successful execution of a construction project. These advantages encompass financial planning, project management, and overall project feasibility. Some key benefits include:

  1. Accurate Budgeting: Cost estimating allows for the creation of accurate and realistic budgets, helping stakeholders plan their financial resources effectively and allocate funds to different project components.
  2. Project Feasibility Assessment: Cost estimating aids in evaluating the feasibility of a construction project by providing insights into whether the project aligns with the available budget and resources. This assessment helps in making informed decisions about project viability.
  3. Risk Mitigation: Through thorough cost estimation, potential financial risks and uncertainties can be identified early in the project lifecycle. This proactive approach allows for the development of risk mitigation strategies to avoid cost overruns and delays.
  4. Resource Allocation: Estimating construction costs helps in the efficient allocation of resources, including materials, labor, and equipment. It enables project managers to optimize resource utilization, thereby enhancing project efficiency and productivity.
  5. Contractor Selection: Accurate cost estimates enable project owners to evaluate and select suitable contractors based on their proposed bids and the estimated project costs. This process ensures that the chosen contractor aligns with the project budget and requirements.
  6. Decision Making: Construction cost estimating provides critical data for informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle. This includes decisions related to design modifications, material substitutions, and value engineering to ensure project cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.
  7. Client Communication: Transparent cost estimating fosters effective communication between project stakeholders, including clients, contractors, and consultants. Clear communication based on accurate cost estimates helps manage expectations and fosters trust and transparency among all parties involved.
  8. Control over Project Costs: By providing a comprehensive understanding of the projected costs, construction cost estimating facilitates better control over project expenses. It allows project managers to monitor and manage costs throughout the project’s lifecycle, reducing the likelihood of unexpected financial discrepancies.
  9. Compliance with Regulations: Estimating construction costs ensures that the project aligns with relevant industry standards, regulations, and building codes. This compliance is essential to avoid legal complications and ensure the safety and integrity of the constructed infrastructure.
  10. Enhanced Project Delivery: Accurate cost estimating contributes to the timely and successful delivery of construction projects within the predetermined budget. This leads to improved client satisfaction and establishes a positive reputation for both the project owner and the construction firm involved.

Construction Estimating Services in Australia

An Australia-based quality estimating company, we deliver first-rate construction estimations for building construction. At Measure Manage, we view client satisfaction as the cornerstone of our business, ensuring our clients are happy and receive the service that they “need”. This is evidenced by the high amount of repeat business and referrals we receive.

The Measure Manage team prides ourselves on delivering best in class service in the estimating and quantity surveying industry.

Measure Manage is a Professional Construction Estimating Service provider in  Australia. Call us now on 08 9747 7034 or Feel Free to Contact Us Online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Construction estimating is the estimation of plant, labour, and materials to complete certain tasks in construction. Construction Estimating requires vast experience in construction methods, technologies, labour content, regions, etc. the list goes on!

The benefits of our service area that we employ individuals with experience in many areas of construction. With all their broad experiences combined, we can estimate most projects accurately and efficiently.

The size of the project and the level of estimating involved will determine how quickly we can get a final estimate back to you. We can also tailor our estimating to suit your layouts or styles.

Yes, we can! However, these are only budgetary estimates and are subject to the going ups and down of costs. The reason for this is that when estimating, it can be difficult to judge the time required prior to actually completing the estimate due to the nature of the information at hand. Most jobs are a concept but the more detailed the information the better we can assist with a budget.

Yes, you can! We measure and estimate everything digitally! All documents handled are digital and therefore can be sent to you on completion. We try to remove as much human interaction with the estimates as much as possible, so our accuracy levels are always at a high standard.