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Brickwork Calculator And Cost Estimator

Bricks are generally used while building fireplaces and are ideal for exterior walls. They are rectangular in shape and come in different sizes and types. Estimating the number of bricks required for a wall or fireplace can be pretty confusing.

A brickwork calculator leaves no room for guesswork and helps builders gauge how many bricks they need during construction. This tool also allows for wastage in the form of broken or damaged bricks.

In order to calculate the number of bricks required, builders need to furnish-

  • The height, length, and thickness of the wall or structure
  • The height, length of the brick and also the thickness of mortar used

The brick calculator comes up with two figures

  • how many bricks you will require for the structure in question
  • how many bricks you will require after wastage

Most brick calculators support half-brick and single-brick thick walls

The Brick mortar calculator is yet another tool that is used to determine how much mortar is required. The brickwork cost calculator helps determine the price of the bricks. The three tools put together to make the builder’s task very easy.

Where Can Our Brickwork Calculator Be Used?

  • brick wall calculator
  • retaining wall block calculator
  • brick mortar mix calculator
  • paving bricks calculator
  • brick step calculator

What Does Our Brickwork Calculator Do?

  • Calculates bricks per square m2
  • Calculates mortar required
  • Calculates costs estimate for brickwork

What Does Our Brickwork Calculator Estimate Do?

What our concrete cost estimation calculator does not include:

  • Preparation work
  • Tools
  • Labour
  • Transport of materials
  • Reinforcement, mesh or joints
  • Concrete pumping

Some tools required for the concrete project:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Shovels
  • Buckets
  • Cement mixers
  • Leveling tools
  • Trowels

Watch this video below, where I show you exactly how to use the brick calculator and explain what the calculation results mean. This will give you step by step instructions on calculating the brick costs and quantity required for your project.

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