Do you need a construction estimator for your project? We can provide construction estimator to meet your needs. They are professionals who are skilled in the art of estimating construction projects. 

They use software, engineering calculations, and past experience to make estimates on how much it will cost to build a project. It’s often used as leverage during negotiations with builders or owners of the property where there is not an established budget for the project.

What is an estimator in construction?

An estimator determines costs for all or part of a construction project to be completed. The scope of the estimate will vary depending on the project, ranging from high-level generalities to specific details such as labour hours. Estimators must also understand their clients’ areas of expertise.

An estimator who doesn’t know what system is best suited for a particular building material is ineffectual and may even cause more expense when trying to come up with estimates that his client knows nothing about! With experience and knowledge, one can become an efficient and valued member of the team.

Types of estimating in construction

Commercial Developments:

Commercial developments are much more complex than residential construction projects. Many factors contribute to the commercial cost estimator, including the market conditions and other variables that can affect building costs. 

A commercial consultant needs detailed information about your future development in order to provide commercial cost estimates with accuracy. It can include a wide range of facilities including hotels, offices buildings, or malls for instance.

Renovations and Extensions

Renovation costs depend on many factors such as the size of your home, location, quality of materials, etc. That is why it can be difficult to provide an accurate renovation and extensions cost estimate without inspecting the property. Hence a construction cost estimators are required for these projects.

New Homes 

Construction of the house, especially in a city like Perth where land costs are extreme can be very expensive construction process due to the need for materials and labor. 

Construction cost estimators are required to estimate project requirements & budget needs before construction starts/funding provided by lenders

A good estimating system should provide an accurate and precise estimate of both material quantities and labour hours required.

Civil Projects 

Construction cost estimators are used for civil construction projects as well. The construction cost estimator will give the client an estimated price range of how much it would be to construct certain parts of the project and their budget constraints. Some factors that affect construction costs are materials needed, labor rates by location, equipment used on-site, and so forth.

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The Construction cost estimation process


The pre-estimate is a preliminary figure on the cost of construction, and often includes factors such as land acquisition and site preparation. 

It’s important that the initial estimate also examines all of the anticipated costs for constructing a project – not just those related to building materials – for this will provide a more accurate idea of what it might cost to build.

Post Estimate

Post-estimate is the last stage in estimating building projects that begin with a review of specifications and calculations. And it’s the process of estimating construction activities for accomplishing design objectives without performing detailed estimates of specific trades or trade work. 

Building Department Inspection can usually take place during pre-estimates & post-estimates. The process usually includes checking overall compliance with building code requirements through an overall review inspection to assess whether any objective needs for approval may exist.

What are the duties of a construction estimator?

Construction estimators need a vast knowledge of construction, in order to estimate the cost of a project. They should know how much materials will cost when deliveries from suppliers are expected, and when each task can be completed.

This is because they need to estimate when the site will be ready for the next step. A construction estimator needs to compile an accurate budget that accounts for various factors such as labour costs, material prices, equipment expenses and other related items.

These costs vary according to region and time of year so it’s important that an estimator stay up-to-date with any changes.

The duties of a construction estimator are to estimate the budget for materials, labor, equipment expenses, etc.

  • Calculating quantities and costs for use in bid documents
  • Reviewing bids received from subcontractors and suppliers against the original bid documents
  • Evaluating the performance of subcontractors and suppliers in relation to job sites work
  • Communicating labour, material, equipment, and service requirements to management
  • Responsible for evaluating subcontractors’ performance on job sites.

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Benefits of hiring a cost estimator for your construction project

The benefits of hiring a cost estimator for your construction project are that it can help you save costs by preventing overspending on materials & labor by giving an exact estimation upfront.

Since construction is inherently risky, contractors are often expected to provide a guaranteed maximum price.  This can be achieved through accurate pre-estimating and planning.

By using a cost estimator in the early stages of a project, concerns about budget limits can be assessed and concerns can be resolved before they create a problem for the contractor or the owner.

They have a very important, extremely vital role in the construction industry. Since they estimate the cost of a project during its early stages, their input can save both time and money from being spent on something that is not possible to complete on schedule or within the estimated budget.

Their work begins almost immediately after a contract has been awarded. In some cases, it might be necessary for them to visit the job site at this point to get an idea of what will need to be done, while others might wait until two or three weeks before actual work begins.


We don’t only provide construction cost estimating services in Perth, we also offer a wide range of other related products and solutions. For example, our company offers full-service project management for residential homes with an emphasis on planning and budgeting.

Our team will work closely with you from start to finish so that your needs are met at every stage in the process – including any necessary site visits or meetings. If this sounds like something you’re interested in hearing more about then please contact Measure Manage today.

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