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Quantity Surveying- The Art of Construction Management 

A Quantity Surveyor is one who performs the task of Quantity Surveying. At Measure Manage we take pride in offering top-quality quantity surveying services in Perth, Western Australia. Although quantity surveying companies are many, Measure Manage is renowned for the immaculate services we render to our clients.

Quantity Surveyors play a major role in the construction industry. They function as cost consultants do and keep tabs on the construction project activities. Providing quantity surveyor reports is but one of their main objectives. 

Our quantity surveyors in Perth get involved in the financial, technical and the legal aspects of construction projects. The involvement is consistent from the time the plan is drawn until the project is successfully completed. Thus, they ensure that the project remains largely effective and profitable.

A quantity surveyor report is essential in the smooth functioning of a construction project. It broadly defines budget management, evaluations, as well as legal aspects arising during the execution of the project. A quantity surveyor also manages the contractual obligations of the parties involved in the project. In effect, quantity surveyor services ensure that the project remains on track all through.

Measure Manage at the forefront of Quantity Surveying in Perth

With the presence of our quantity surveyors, Perth has no dearth of building quantity surveyors, keeping our clients pleased. Our construction quantity surveyors play a major role in the success of your projects. We at Measure Manage handle the following on a daily basis     

  • Construction contracts
  • Progress claims
  • Variations to the contract
  • Contract formulation

Our quantity surveyors also handle:

  • Infrastructure
  • Civil and Structure
  • Commercial  Projects
  • Residential Projects
  • Mining, Oil & Gas Projects

Our expert Quantity Surveyors are involved at all stages of the construction- pre-construction, during construction and post-construction as well. As far as quantity surveying services in Australia are concerned we take up work regardless of the project size. Needless to say, our experts have the following infallible attributes:

  • Knowledge in building legislation
  • Building materials and equipment
  • Understanding of design concepts
  • Experience with legal issues and quality control
  • Budgeting and cost estimations
  • Negotiation skills

Qualities of a good Perth Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveying serviceQuantity Surveyors are actually the financial whiz-kids of the construction industry! Highly accomplished, they regulate the complete budgetary aspects of the project. That is a huge responsibility by itself. 

The experts that they are, they know a lot about building materials, building legislation and building design. They need to be able to prepare the quantity surveyors report, meeting all its nuances. They are also highly organized and very articulate with great negotiation skills.  

At Measure Manage, Perth, quantity surveyors, besides advising clients on the feasibility of a project and the project site, will: 

  • Deal with all legal and contractual issues pertaining to a construction project
  • Provide detailed information on the cost of construction
  • Organize the project into component work packages.
  • Manage costs to remain in line with set budgets.
  • Organize payments for staff, equipment maintenance and all other accounts related to the project.
  • Act as financial advisers to the client as well as track the progress of the construction

Measure Manage is a professional Quantity Surveying Service in Perth Western Australia. Call us now at 0489 202 445 or Feel Free to Contact Us

What our Perth Quantity Surveyors do:

Quantity surveying in Perth has never been easier with our professionals around. With all the expertise required for the job, they are adept to handle all the areas independently. On a broad scale, this is what construction quantity surveyors do:

  • Advise clients about the probabilities of a site and provide a feasibility report. 
  • Present detailed statistics regarding the cost of specific essentials of work, periodically. Known as valuation, it enables payment for work executed periodically.
  • Establish the project into its constituent work packages. Then award these packages to subcontractors- smaller, more dedicated construction companies, in the process knowing who provides better deals.
  • Manage costs to ensure that everything is within the budgetary allocation.
  • Deal with legal and contractual matters.
  • Act as financial advisers to the client and monitor progress.
  • Arrange staff payments and settle the accounts in the end.

Where Quantity Surveyors Generally Work

The various tasks quantity surveyors perform will differ depending upon what stage of the project they work on. It could be on the design or on the construction stage. If they work with a consultancy, they would most likely work on the design stage. If it’s a contractor they work with, it would be the construction itself. 

Senior quantity surveyors working with consultancies work during office hours and are mostly office-based. On the other hand, those working with contractors work out of temporary offices at the construction sites. Thus, they spend more time at the site itself and perhaps work longer hours as well. 

Based on what stage of the project they are working on and their employer, quantity surveyors will:

  • Estimate the cost materials required for the project
  • Monitor changes in the design or construction work and alter the budget estimates accordingly
  • Prepare the tender documents, budgets, contracts, bills and other documents
  • Acquire the services of contractors or subcontractors to work on the project
  • Measure and evaluate the work completed on the site
  • Coordinate between the client and other construction staff
  • Choose and source construction materials
  • Pay the subcontractors

To sum it up, quantity surveying, when practised by quantity surveyors of the highest order, becomes an invaluable art. Quantity surveyors at Measure Manage, Perth have mastered this art and are sought after for the excellent services they provide. When you are in need of quantity surveyors, Perth gives you the best through Measure Manage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Quantity Surveying is the measuring of all materials, labour, and plant for a construction project into a neat and tidy group of descriptions called Items. Construction drawings illustrate the work that is to be completed but may not make much sense without Items to describe, in detail, the work that is to be completed. Quantity Surveyor will then measure how much of a certain supply will be needed to complete the item. For example, 10m3 of concrete is needed to fill a foundation footing or 10 doors for a house.

A Quantity Surveyor is a person who performs the Quantity Surveying duties. They are usually educated to a tertiary degree level and have excellent experience in construction. A Quantity Surveyor may also have several roles in any one project. They may have rules with the Client, the Main Contractor, a Subcontractor, or even a Supplier. All Quantity Surveyor roles are to accurately forecast the cost of any construction project and to maximize value for their employer. Check out some more in our blog “What is a Quantity Surveyor?”

Whether you are a ‘Mum and Dad’ team building for the first time or a multi-national contractor, everyone really needs a Quantity Surveyor.

From the very start, a Quantity Surveyor is an essential part of any construction project. Their role is as integral and similar to that of an Accountant in that if you are asking yourself ‘how much will this cost?’, ‘how long will it take, and how do I go about constructing this project?’, then that is when you need a Quantity Surveyor. It does not matter if you are just building an extension on your house or if you are dealing with projects in the billions. Having a Quantity Surveyor on your team is invaluable, no matter the scale.

Hiring a Quantity Surveyor for your project can sometimes be harder than you expect. Professional and good Quantity Surveyors can be difficult to find, and unfortunately, our industry has had a skill’s shortage! While hiring a Quantity may not be as easy, finding the right one may take some time!

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