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What are the Quantity Surveyor Responsibilities in Construction Project?

What are the quantity surveyor responsibilities…well in a nutshell, the Quantity Surveyor is one of the most valuable professional resources a construction project can have?

During the lifetime of a project, the quantity surveyor wears many hats – and his responsibilities include cost estimator, negotiator, project coordinator, and the most important role of cost manager.

Here are just a few responsibilities of a quantity surveyor:

  • Whether the project is big or small, the quantity surveyor is deemed rresponsibilities of a quantity surveyoresponsible for managing finances related to the overall construction process.
  • They have the responsibility to ensure that the project remains on schedule and is completed on time.
  • While the project is live, the quantity surveyor keeps track of the costs incurred and is responsible for making sure that everything falls within the original budgets.
  • The quantity surveyor must continually be on the lookout for the most efficient, cost-effective ways to get the project completed.
  1. Cost feasibility and estimating.

Cost feasibilities are conducted at the start of a project by a QS to make that the project will be financially viable for the end-user. It is the responsibility of the quantity surveyor to use initial design drawings to work out the budgets for the project. This allows the end-user to understand how much a project is going to cost.

Feasibility studies will look at all the costs from acquiring the land, constructing the project, and then maintaining it during use. It is important to factor in all these costs so that the end-user can make an informed choice to move ahead with the work or not.

Estimating is conducted by the QS to find out the cost of the components of the project. For example, how lights the project will require and the cost to supply and install them on the job. This happens for all the areas of construction from the foundations to the final painting and finishing of the project.

The responsibility of the quantity surveyor is accurately cost the project for the end-user.

  1. Keeping the project on budget

During the construction, it is the QS’s responsibility to make sure the project stays on budget throughout the process. Cost monitoring and planning allow this to happen with the quantity surveyor keep a close eye on the delays, variations or disputes that may arise during construction.

Keeping a close eye on these things will allow the timely finish of the project as well which is beneficial to all parties. The quantity surveyor’s responsibility is making sure they advise their employer of anything that may affect the completion of the cost of the project going forward.

quantity surveyor responsibilities

  1. Contracts

Before during and after construction is heavily reliant on good contract negotiations and administration which again is a vital responsibility of the QS. Prior to the work starting, several contracts will have to negotiate with the architects and structural designers prior to any design being completed.

At the start of the project, the QS would have to engage a contractor or builder to build the designed project and a contract would need to be in place there to make sure the project gets built. The builder would need to have contracts in place with its subcontractors and suppliers to make sure their work getting delivered correctly and on time.

Depending on whom the quantity surveyor works for it would be their responsibility to make sure the contracts are in place and are being administered effectively.

Quantity surveyor responsibilities:

Due to the wide scope of this role, certain skills are thought to be helpful when studying to become a QS. These skills include:

  • A logical, analytical mind will help you effectively assess the requirements of the project.responsibility of quantity surveyor
  • Commitment and focus are also important traits for a quantity surveyor. You will be expected to remain committed to the completion of the project and may have to stay on-site for long periods of time.
  • Good communication skills are vital to the success of any profession these days, and quantity surveyors are no exception. The ability to communicate effectively with different people involved in the project will help you make better decisions and complete the project without experiencing any major issues.
  • Since most quantity-surveying work revolves around cost management, you will be expected to be comfortable, if not exceptional, with numbers.
  • In addition, quantity surveyors are expected to be able to work well with different people; thus, it will help if you are a great team player.
  • Leadership skills are also an important asset throughout the entire process since quantity surveyors are deemed to be responsible for a wide range of activities during the project.
  • Concentration is an essential skill. Many of the tasks require deep thought, great imagination, and creative ideas to solve problems and issues that will always occur in the industry.

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