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Quantity Surveyors Perth

At Measure Manage we are proud to offer Quantity Surveyors in Perth Western Australia. Our team of highly experiences staff are on hand to assist in all projects both large and small.

The dictionary definition of quantity surveying is a process that estimates the costs of construction projects, renovations, and maintenance. A quantity surveyor therefore formulates, controls and oversees this process when managing the project budgets.

Quantity surveyors are also known as construction cost consultants or commercial surveyors who keep an eye on the day to day running of construction projects.

A quantity surveyor also manages contractual relationships between the parties during the project. Moreover, they also oversee the legalities making sure the project runs smoothly.

Our Quantity Surveyors deal with the following on a day to day basis:

  • Construction contracts
  • Progress claims
  • Variations to the the contract
  • Contract formulation

The sectors of the construction industry where our quantity surveyors work:

  • Infrastructure
  • Civil and Structures
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Mining oil & gas

Stages of construction where our Quantity Surveyors can get involved:

  • Pre-construction
  • During construction
  • Post construction

Quantity surveyors are responsible for the financial details of a construction project, regardless of its size. Therefore, a good quantity of surveyor in Perth should have some of these attributes:

  • Knowledge in building legislation
  • Building materials and equipment
  • Understanding of design concepts
  • Experience with legal issues and quality control
  • Budgeting and cost estimations
  • Negotiation skills

If you require a quantity surveyor in Perth, look no further as you’ll find the best quantity surveyors at Measure Manage.

At Measure Manage our quantity surveyors Perth will:

  • Advise our clients on the feasibility of a project and project sites.
  • Deal with all legal and contractual issues pertaining to a construction project.
  • Provide information on the cost of construction. In detail as well as the timeline.
  • Organize the project into component work packages.
  • Manage costs to remain in line with set budgets.
  • Organize payments for staff, equipment maintenance and all other accounts related to the project.
  • Acting as financial advisers to the client as well as tracking construction. progress.

Quantity surveyors Perth fall under various categories. For instance:

  • HVAC quantity surveyor,
  • Mechanical quantity surveyor,
  • Civil quantity surveyor,
  • Mechanical quantity surveyor,
  • commercial quantity surveyor among others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Quantity Surveying is the measuring of all materials, labour, and plant for a construction project into a neat and tidy group of descriptions called Items. Construction drawings illustrate the work that is to be completed but may not make much sense without Items to describe, in detail, the work that is to be completed. quantity Surveyor will then measure how much of a certain supply will be needed to complete the item. For example, 10m3 of concrete is needed to fill a foundation footing or 10 doors for a house.
A Quantity Surveyor is a person who performs the Quantity Surveying duties. They are usually educated to a tertiary degree level and have excellent experience on construction. A Quantity Surveyor may also have several different roles in any one project. They may have rules with the Client, the Main Contractor, a Subcontractor, or even a Supplier. All Quantity Surveyor roles are to accurately forecast the cost of any construction project and to maximize value for their employer. Check out some more in our blog “What is a Quantity Surveyor?”
Whether you are a ‘Mum and Dad’ team building for the first time, or a multi-national contractor, everyone really needs a Quantity Surveyor.
From the very start, a Quantity Surveyor is an essential part of any construction project. Their role is as integral and similar to that of an Accountant in that if you are asking yourself ‘how much will this cost?’, ‘how long will it take, and how do I go about constructing this project?’, then that is when you need a Quantity Surveyor. It does not matter if you are just building an extension on your house or if you are dealing with projects in the billions. Having a Quantity Surveyor on your team is invaluable, no matter the scale.
Hiring a Quantity Surveyor for your project can sometimes be harder than you expect. Professional and good Quantity Surveyors can be difficult to find, and unfortunately our industry has had a skills shortage! While hiring a Quantity may not be as easy, finding the right one may take some time!