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Quantity Surveyor Perth – Quantity Surveyors – WA – Construction

Measure Manage is a professional quantity surveying services in Perth Western Australia. Call us now at 0489 202 445

The dictionary definition of quantity survey is a process that estimates costs of construction projects, renovations, and maintenances. A quantity surveyor, therefore, oversees this process and manages the project budgets.

Quantity surveyors are also known as Construction cost consultants or commercial surveyors who keep an eye on the day to day running of construction projects. The financial position of construction determines its timeline and ultimate quality.

A quantity surveyor also manages contractual relationships during the project. Moreover, they also oversee the legalities of a project. Therefore, quantity surveyors supervise the construction process from start to finish; they also estimate costs for renovations and maintenances for residential and industrial projects.Civil quantity surveying perth

Quantity Surveyor Perth

If you require a quantity surveyor in Perth, look no further as you’ll find the best quantity surveyors with us. A quantity surveyor Perth will:

Developer quantity surveyor Perth Advise the client on the feasibility of a project and project sites

Contractor quantity surveyor Perth Deal with all legal and contractual issues pertaining to a construction project

Consultant quantity surveyor Perth Provide information on the cost of construction. In detail as well as the timeline

Construction quantity surveyor Perth Organize the project into component work packages

Commercial quantity surveyor Perth Manage costs to remain in line with set budgets

Electrical quantity surveyor perth Organize payments for staff, equipment maintenance and all other accounts related to the project

Mechanical quantity surveyor perth Acting as financial advisors to the client as well as tracking construction progress

Quantity surveyors are responsible for the financial details of a construction project, regardless of its size. Therefore, a good quantity of surveyor in Perth should have some of these qualifications:

HVAC surveyor hvac perth Knowledge in building legislation

Civil quantity surveying perth Building materials and equipment

chartered quantity surveyor Designs

cost control quantity surveyor Legal issues and quality control

estimation and quantity surveying Budgeting and cost estimations

freelance qs Negotiation skills

In addition to this, to become a good surveyor, one should have at least a degree in quantity survey, and some experience in managing construction projects to fruition. Certification and licensing are also significant, which clients should always check for before enlisting the services of a quantity surveyor Perth.

Quantity surveyors Perth fall under various categories. For instance: HVAC surveyor, Mechanical quantity surveyor, Civil quantity surveyor, Mechanical quantity surveyor, commercial quantity surveyor among others.

Digitization of the construction industry is making it easier for quantity surveyors and civil quantity surveyors to make accurate estimates and organize the projects better. There is a narrower margin for error with technology than before.

Commercial Quantity Surveyors

freelance quantity surveyorConstruction projects are complex, especially when it comes to industrial construction. Therefore, commercial quantity surveyors come in handy to help smooth the process and protect the client from any losses and unforeseen issues.

Commercial quantity surveyors also conduct the same duties as any other quantity surveyor. However, theirs is on a commercial scale. We can help you with a full range of commercial quantity survey services from the initial steps to the end.

Alternatively, freelance quantity surveyors are available for those who wish to outsource these services. A freelance quantity surveyor has all the qualifications, and it is important for clients to, however, check their qualifications and experience.

local quantity surveyorsA cost control quantity surveyor helps through the construction phase by ensuring that expenses are accounted for and go hand in hand with the projects needs and timelines. More than that, you can have access to a consultant quantity surveyor from us to advice on way forwards, a fresh perspective and cutbacks as well.

Advisory services for civil engineering constructions help with insurance valuations and the intricate details of construction that contractors and subcontractors can’t address. Our quantity surveyors fall in a range of specialties, and we have you covered for any type of construction, for instance, civil construction, HVAC, Electrical and Mechanical.

Besides providing the best quantity survey services and professionals in Perth, we go a step further to keep projects on track as well as plan for any unforeseen challenges that may arise. Our quantity surveyor Perth team is equipped with skills and tools to turn around your project into a success.

Quantity Surveying Firms

managing quantity surveyorQuantity surveying is a complex field but also imperative for the continuity of the construction industry. As a result, many quantity surveying firms have sprung up offering quantity surveyor Perth services. However, it is essential for clients to enlist the services of a professional firm.

Chartered quantity surveyors Perth are excellent with cost planning and take clients through the phases of cost planning before the project kick-starts. The first step involves cost estimation to establish a realistic picture of what the project will be.

Secondly, after coming up with an estimate, the costs need to be distributed in different elements of the project and appropriate budgets setup. Finally, once construction begins, a regular follow up on how the process is moving is essential. It is also vital to track expenditure to avoid surprise shortages and equipment malfunctions.

Quantity surveying services are not complicated, and while people might think they can cheat their way out of hiring a quantity surveyor, it only serves to make the construction process difficult. Quantity surveyors help check what actions are required and in some cases, for the sake of cutting down on costs, they can help simplify specific details of a design.

professional quantity surveyorCost planning like quantity survey and estimation have taken shape in the last couple of years as more developers realize their importance. Value-for-money is one of the benefits of quantity surveyors and cost planning before commencing a construction project.

In addition to all the mentioned roles, quantity surveyors can also aid architects through comparative costing of designs, finishing, and other materials. For instance, a different shape may prove more feasible than another and therefore save the client from unnecessary costs.


It is impossible to downplay the importance of quantity surveyors Perth since they are the whiz-kids who get the construction show on the road. A quantity surveyor will, therefore, help contractors, developers and subcontractors avoid common pitfalls that plague many clients.