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Construction Contract Administration

contract administration process in construction

There is no doubt that the construction industry is heavy on contract administration. Many contracts have to be drawn up at the commencement of a project with all contracts requiring administration throughout their life cycle.

Construction contracts can be a maze of clauses, difficult to understand terminology and risk allocation profiles. Understanding how a contract is drafted, structured, what it includes and how it should be administered during the duration of the project requires an experienced professional to do just that.

This is where we come in. At Measure Manage, we have extensive experience of handling contracts at different milestones during a construction project. Our focus is on removing the hassle from the process and ensuring the main parties can concentrate on what they do best.

Contract administration is just that, administration. The administrative part of the construction contract process should not distract you from the main goal, which is why you set up a construction business in the first place.

Some of the administrative duties we can assist with are:

  • contract administrator australiaContract negotiation
  • temporary contract administratorProgress claims
  • contract administrator miningVariations
  • freelance contract administratorClaims
  • commercial contracts administratorAnd much more!

construction contract management

We take this burden off your shoulders completely. We work closely with our clients to confirm the details and you can rest assured that our contract administration experts will take care of the legwork and paperwork involved in drawing up and managing the contracts.

We ensure that each agreement and the terms and conditions decided before the project are put into writing to keep your project on track. We understand the importance of staying focused on the end goals throughout the project, and the administrative tasks can prove to be a distraction.

You can work with complete peace of mind, knowing that we are taking care of your contracts. We make sure that the expectations and goals of each stakeholder are clearly mentioned and outlined and are in alignment with each other. In this way, we help prevent conflicts and discrepancies during the course of the project.

In addition to our experience and expertise in contract administration for construction projects, we are well versed with the industry best practices and the regulations governing construction contracts. We ensure your contracts are in compliance with all relevant laws and up to the standards followed by construction businesses.

If you need an experienced team of contract administration professionals working with you on your next project, feel free to get in touch with Measure Manage. Let’s discuss how we can serve your needs perfectly.

contract administrator duties construction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

A contract is set of agreed-on rules, or clauses, that legally bind a set of parties together to achieve the goal of the contract. In construction, a contract is commonly between the main contractor and a subcontractor. For instance, the main contractor building for a client may require some work to be completed by a subcontractor, such as the plumbing. So, in order for the main contractor and the plumber to know what is expected in the course of completing the work, the parties have to agree on a set of rules or clauses to govern them.
Contract Administration is the task of applying those agreed on rules, throughout the duration of the contract. Basically, certain items of the contract need to be completed for the contract to work properly within the agreed rules or clauses. Such as, compiling all the information to get paid by a certain date, or applying agreed rules or clauses around additional work to be completed, called a variation to the contract.
Contract Management is an individual who manages more than one contract at a time, or maybe manages a team of Contract Administrators. Many construction companies and subcontractors will have multiple contracts on each project with some companies also handling multiple projects. This could lead to hundreds of unique contracts that will need to be administered to the strict rules and clauses within each of them.