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Building Construction Cost Estimator

A building construction cost estimator, when launching a construction project, is crucial for budgeting and overall planning. At Measure Manage, we offer construction estimation services for businesses in the construction and building industry.

building cost estimator

Building Construction Cost Estimators carefully cost of the items such as:

building cost estimator


All the equipment required to complete the project such as cranes and excavators.

construction estimator


All the different people required to complete the project such as laborers or engineers.

estimating in building construction


All the separate materials that need to be purchased which could be from vendors all around the world.

All of the above considerations plus experience will provide the best cost estimations. Having served numerous clients with outstanding success, we possess the expertise and experience necessary to be your one-stop construction estimator. We can provide an expert cost estimate for a range of construction projects, including

  • building estimateCommercial developments
  • accurate estimating servicesRenovations and extensions
  • construction cost estimationNew homes
  • estimating construction costsCivil projects
construction cost estimator

We can also offer specialized construction estimation services to many different trades that may be tendering on numerous projects across Australia. Specialized trades, such as:

  • civil construction estimatingConcrete companies
  • civil construction cost estimatesCivil companies
  • civil estimation and costingCarpentry companies
  • civil cost estimationPlumbing companies
  • estimate and costing civil engineeringElectrical companies
  • estimation in civil engineeringFloors, walls, and ceiling companies
  • civil engineering cost estimationAnd many more

construction estimating

We can estimate the costs of using first principles estimating taking into account the plant, labor, and materials to complete a project. Another way we can estimate a project is by using the client’s rates and tweaking them to suit the project and the market conditions to maximize the chances of securing the project and the future of your business.

Our focus is on precision. We understand the importance of accuracy when estimating the cost of construction, as the success of the project depends on it. Our estimates are reliable and you can count on us to minimize wastage and over/under-budgeting while taking into account all relevant factors.

building estimate

In our experience, the factors which have the most significant impact on the construction cost include marketing, design and the actual construction process. Our construction estimator services incorporate all these factors and more to deliver an accurate estimate, regardless of the location and scale of your project.

We also provide a range of other related services, including handling construction tenders. We can be your full-service support team for all current and future projects you work on. To learn more about our construction estimation services, head to the Contact Us page and drop us a line. We will get back to you right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Construction estimating is the estimation of plant, labor, and materials to complete certain tasks in construction. Construction Estimating requires vast experience in construction methods, technologies, labor content, regions, etc. the list goes on!
The benefits of our service area that we employ individuals with experience in many different areas of construction. With all their broad experiences combined, we can estimate most projects accurately and efficiently.
The size of the project and the level of estimating involved will determine how quickly we can get a final estimate back to you. We can also tailor our estimating to suit your layouts or styles.
Yes, we can! However, these are only budgetary estimates and are subject to the going ups and down of costs. The reason for this is that when estimating, it can be difficult to judge the time required prior to actually completing the estimate due to the nature of the information at hand. Most jobs are a concept but the more detailed the information the better we can assist with a budget.
Yes, you can! We measure and estimate everything digitally! All documents handled are digital and therefore can be sent to you on completion. We try to remove as much human interaction with the estimates as much as possible, so our accuracy levels are always at a high standard.