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Bill Of Quantities Australia

bill of quantities for road construction

A Bill of Quantities Australia (BOQ) is required for outlaying the cost items of a construction project. It is a crucial step for the successful cost estimation of any project. Without a clear idea of the costs involved, no party will be able to understand the costs involved in the project. This is where a Bill of Quantities is required.

A Bill of Quantities is a document that itemizes each and every element of cost that will be incurred over the course of a construction job, regardless of the amount of money being spent. The BOQ will cover the cost of labor, plant, and materials to be used and can include preliminaries, provisional sums and prime cost sums.

On a construction project, the BOQ basically acts as a shopping list with a professionally drafted BOQ to show all of the items and quantities for each particular part of the project.

The Bill of Quantities list will then be used to help parties provide a quote for the project by simply adding in a cost for each item and multiplying the quantity by the cost. Once this has been done for each item, you will have the cost of doing the work at the end as a final total.

Bill of Quantities can be used for many different applications, such as:

bill of quantities for structural steel works

quantity surveyor bill of quantities Providing each party with a clear boundary of the scope of works and the quantity to be included in the contract.

civil engineering bill of quantities Measuring any variations to the scope of the contract.

boq for civil work Assisting with the valuation and negotiation of interim payments during the course of the contract.

standard boq of civil construction Understanding which items to procure for the works and at what stage.

bill of quantities for road construction Getting to know labor requirements

boq in civil engineering Providing a project cash flow analysis for each party.

These really are just a few of the benefits to each party. The BOQ is usually completed at the start of the project so the parties can price the BOQ and are all pricing the same scope. Sometimes, the contractor will be asked to produce their own BOQ from a set of drawings provided by the client.

At Measure Manage, we can create an accurate Bills of Quantities for your business. We have extensive experience in quantity surveying and we can provide materials take-off from construction drawings.

bill of quantities for road works

We can provide bill of quantities for the following types of work:

boq civil engineeringEarthworks and civil BOQ’s

civil works bill of quantitiesConcrete works BOQ’s

quantity estimation in civil engineeringStructural Steelworks BOQ’s

bill of quantities for civil works excelMasonry BOQ’s

boq civil worksFloors, Wall, and Ceilings BOQ’s

boq bill of quantityMechanical BOQ’s

boq for civil workLandscaping BOQ’s

boq construction projectAnd many more trades BOQ’s

bill of quantities for building construction

We provide all our clients with a full quantity take-off, including marked-up drawings. BOQ’s in excel and other formats required, a comprehensive list of assumptions if any and a list of queries. When performing a quantity take off our experienced quantity surveyors will be able to visualize the job being built to aid the material take-off process.

This coupled with state of the art computer technology means we can provide the most accurate take-offs at a steady pace. We go into extensive detail when preparing a BOQ. We ensure quantity take-off and other factors are accounted for and each item is listed with accuracy. Our experienced team of quantity surveying experts has the insight and knowledge to serve your needs perfectly.

The BOQ we can abide by the Australian Standard Methods of Measurement, Standard Method of Measurements, CESSM3. And many other formats ensuring effective compliance and no hassle for your business. You can use the BOQs we provide as part of a legally binding contract between parties

If you require a Bill of Quantities for an upcoming construction project, get in touch with us without delay and we will smoothen the process for you. Head to our Contact Us page and communicate your requirements to us right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

A BOQ is a list of descriptions and quantities that are required to be undertaken to complete a construction project. The size of a project will determine the size of the Bill of Quantities
The purpose of the bill of Quantities in construction is numerous. The Bill of Quantities should accurately describe the work activity. And the quantity that has to occur for that work to be completed. The Bill of Quantities also gives the scope of works to be undertaken, giving both parties clear borders of their responsibilities in a project.
The main function of a BOQ is to define the work that is required to complete a construction project. The Bill of Quantities lays out the descriptions of the work, and also the quantities required to complete that work.
There are many different types of BOQ depending on which country you live in. In the United Kingdom a Bill of Quantitiesdiffers slightly to a Bill of Quantities in Australia. This is due to the different standard methods of measurement that are used in both countries. There may also be differences in a particular field of construction. For instance, commercial construction projects may use a standard method of measurement. But civil engineering projects may use civil engineering methods of measurement, or even a client-based method of measurement.
The Bill of Quantities in the construction industry is very important for a number of reasons. In that, it acts as a shopping list of items that are required to be completed to finish a project. These items usually have a description of work, a quantity and a cost against that item.