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Google AdWords Construction Marketing

Google AdWords Construction Marketing is an important part of running a business. After all, the goal is to make sales, hit targets and attain profitability. Getting repeat business may be difficult but at least these are customers who already know about your services. Attracting new customers, on the other hand, maybe a bit of an uphill task. These are people who may have never heard about your business or have heard about it but are still skeptical.Pay Per Click

It pays to remember that the market is rife with competition and consumers are spoilt for choice. Marketing is a company’s way of helping consumers to make a decision on who they want to buy from. Google Ad Words allow businesses to get to, and stay at, the top of Google search pages. All one has to do is pay for selected keywords which are most relevant to one’s business.  

What is a keyword?

What is keywordsA keyword is a phrase that you type into a Google search bar in order to find what you are looking for.

For example, someone is looking to find house builders in Perth. The person types in “home builders in Perth”. Google then scours the Internet for the relevant companies who provide a home building in Perth. These companies are then shown to the potential customer who then decides if these companies are relevant to what they are looking for. If the companies which are shown are not satisfactory then the person simply enters a new search. It really is that simple.

Why Google AdWords Construction Marketing work?

Basically what Google allows you to do is to bid on the keyword you want potential customers to find your business with. There may be a lot of competition for particular keywords like ‘home builders in Perth’. In such instances, the cost per click would typically be high. However, if there is little to no competition the cost per click would be lower.Google Ads for Construction Business

There are two things to consider when using Google Ad Words; the cost per click or CPC and the impressions. An impression is when someone searches for that particular keyword that you have bid on but does not click on your advert. You only pay when someone clicks on your advert. Impressions can be used to find out if your advert is relevant to the keyword that people are typing in. Google does the job of making sure that your advert is relevant.

How is a Google AdWords Construction Marketing campaign set up?

Google Adwords SetupIn order to set up a Google Ad Words campaign for a construction business, you have to segment your keywords into specific services. Each segment would then have its own landing page which contains the relevant keywords being typed in by potential customers. This means that when someone types in the keyword and your page appears the page is relevant to exactly what they are looking for.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is simply a smaller website that is specific to one service of your business. It is typically not part of your website so that when someone clicks onto your landing page they are not distracted by all the other different pages of your website; they are completely focused on this one page. A landing page helps to keep potential customers focused on a specific service.What is landing page

To reap the most out of your landing page, it is best that you have an offer, sometimes referred to as a ‘tripwire’, for the potential customer in order to draw them in. You may also include a call-to-action to set up an appointment or even buy now.

A good sales copy on the landing page is also very important in order to attract and entice your customer to using that call-to-action contact with you.

Is Google Ad Words the best move for my construction business?

Google Ad Words allows you to instantly promote your business on the front page of Google. This means that customers can find you once all your campaigns are set up and are relevant to what they are searching for. It allows you to gauge the market by using the impressions to find out if it is something that the market is looking for. Google Ad Words also allows you to find niches based on keyword searches.

Are there any drawbacks to using Google Ad Words for my construction business?

Google ads marketing for construction businessAs with most things made by man, Google Ad Words has drawbacks. For instance, it can be costly depending on the competition to get a keyword you are interested in pursuing. It is not a long-term solution. SEO is your long-term solution for your business website. Another drawback is that not all people like to click on the top three searches on Google; some people prefer to scroll all the way down to the organic search to find what they are looking for.

Here’s what we can do for you

Four years ago, we created a company that has been helping businesses just like yours attract and retain customers. Through the years, we have created and managed productive Google Ad Words accounts for six different businesses. We are a small team that will do all the work your business needs be it:

  •    setting up
  •    keyword researching
  •    implementing
  •    reviewing and
  •    refining the Google Ad Words accounts

We are all particularly experienced in building landing pages specific to the Google Ad Words campaigns.

The team is made up of members with a passion for construction who understand the business models very well. We continue to combine this knowledge with our years of experience to help construction businesses get online and improve their online presence.

Do not hesitate to talk to us today! Give us a call or send us an email with a link to your website if you have one already. We are always available and willing to chat and discuss the potential of working together to get your business online. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you need assistance with marketing your construction business don’t look further than Measure Manage. We can provide the support and guidance your business needs to reach the next level.

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