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Facebook marketing for construction businesses is one of the best platforms that your construction business can be on today. It opens lots of doors in terms of reaching your target marketing quickly and effectively.

Even though Zuckerberg and Saverin may have created Facebook to ease the pains of socializing, it has become a great advertising platform. Do you know how Facebook makes most of its revenue? Yes, you guessed it; advertising! Why not get with the flow and take your business to Facebook? Do you already have a Facebook page for your business? If the answer is YES then great. If the answer is NO then you need to set one up ASAP. The process is quite simple and that is what we are here to help you with!

What is Facebook marketing for construction businesses a good thing?

Facebook is a great platform for sharing your vision mission and values of your business with potential customers and potential employees on social media. It is great for showcasing your work to potential customers and promoting your brand within your local area, nationally or worldwide.

Why would I use Facebook for construction marketing?

Facebook ads marketing for Construction CompanyOne of the great things about Facebook is advertising that allows you to do targeting and retargeting. Its marketing allows you to dial in on your audience who you are sending you marketing messages. This means it can be completely focused on your target market.

Facebook allows you to use the platform that you create to find people who are potentially good fits for your business. Potentially good fits are people who are looking for the type of service you offer which makes it much easier to market your services to them. In this way, you can get potential customers without breaking a sweat.

When to start using Facebook for my business?

People who wait until they are ‘ready’ will always miss great opportunities. If you are waiting for the ‘right time’ to come then stop waiting; it will never come. Whether your enterprise is 2, 5 or 10 years you will still gain a lot from marketing using Facebook.

How do I start using Facebook for my construction business?

Well, this is where we come into play. We have helped a number of businesses get on to Facebook. Note, however, that it takes time to see returns. Facebook has generally a long-term strategy for

  •   Building likes,
  •   Followers,
  •   People commenting on your information or
  •   Contacting you through Facebook.

Facebook is a great place to collect instant reviews from your customers. A number of potential customers will see that other people have previously used your business and liked what you had to offer. It really is one of the most up-to-date platforms that you can use in order to promote your business today.

What Facebook strategy is good for a construction business?

There are a number of different strategies for the different types of businesses in the construction industry. For instance, the strategy that electricians, plumbers, carpenters, landscapers would use will vary from that of a multinational construction company.

facebook marketing strategy

The trades businesses that focus on business to customer relationships; say a homeowner would use an offer promotion strategy for Facebook. For example, an electrician may offer a certain type of light fittings to be installed for a certain price if customers contact them through Facebook. These targeted offers would be shown to people in relevant areas as set out by the marketing strategy campaign groups on Facebook.

A multinational construction company may promote its vision mission and values in order to attract new professionals or tradespeople to their business. They may also promote things that they do outside of construction such as charity days, golf days or other things that they do for the local communities in which they operate.

What would I promote on Facebook and who would it reach?

Facebook construction marketing strategy

As I stated above, there are a number of different things that you can promote on Facebook depending on the type of business that you’re in be it business to business or business to customer. Some of the best stuff to promote are videos, blog posts and photos of your most recent work so that people can get an up-to-date view of what your business is up to.

So how can we help with your Facebook marketing for construction businesses?

Over the past four years, we’ve helped create and run numerous Facebook pages for six different businesses. We now have a small team that does all the work including setting up and management of the social media platform. We have a passion for construction and we understand the business models very well. Our mission is to combine this knowledge with our experience to help construction businesses get online and improve their online presence.

We would like to talk to you today! Give us a call or send us an email with a link to your website if you have one already so that we can discuss the potential of working together to get your business online. We are so excited to hear from you and satisfy all your marketing needs!

If you require marketing for construction business for an upcoming construction project, get in touch with us without delay and we will smoothen the process for you. Head to our Contact Us page and communicate your requirements to us right away.

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