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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of construction business website marketing and SEO, the first question you need to ask yourself is do you have a website already? If the answer to this question is YES then that’s a great start. However, if the answer to this question is NO you need to get on to this. Having a website for your business is the starting point for being online. It is 2019 and every business needs to have a website, regardless of the industry in which it operates.

What is a website?

A construction business website marketing is a combination of brief pages that are built online which allows you to showcase your business, the work you do, the services you provide, and other projects you’ve previously worked on. It also allows you to provide testimonials or reviews from clients who have used your services.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In a nutshell, the search engine optimization of a website allows search engines such as Google to connect your website to the relevant searches that people are making every single day. For example, if your website is about concrete Google is not going to match a website with websites about shoes.

If you are typing in concrete companies in your location the search is going to bring up concrete companies in your location. Search engines do this by looking at your website, the keywords and what your website is about. The search engine bots then connect your website’s about with what people are searching.Construction business website marketing

It is extremely important for the search engines to connect to the website with the most relevant searches to get it right. It takes time for the search engines to realize what your actual website is about.

There is a lot of backroom work that has to be carried out on a website in order for it to be relevant to The Searchers. It is that simple.

Think of SEO like this; your website is a brand new shiny car you have just bought. It has all the bells and whistles that you have asked for everything is working and it looks fantastic. Now you want to take it for a drive to show off your new car/website.

Well, SEO is like the fuel that you put in your engine in order to be able to drive the car. If there is no fuel in the engine, the car will be useless as it cannot take you anywhere. Without SEO, potential customers will not be able to find your website based on their searches. Again, it’s that simple.

So why do I need a website?

What is websiteGreat question! So how do potential customers find you your work in previous projects and the services you provide currently?

If you already have a construction business marketing website they probably look there which is cool. If you do not have a website, where do people find you?  In order to maximize your exposure to new customers having a website is essential.

These days customers do a lot of research prior to buying from business and the first place they will look is the company website. When was the last time you looked in the Yellow Pages or anywhere else other than the internet to find out information about a new business or service?

I bet you haven’t looked in a long time. I suppose now you do see why your business MUST be online in this day and age.

What do I need to include on my website?

There is no better place to source for ideas than your competitors’ websites. Find out what they are putting on their sites from projects information and clients’ photos to blogs and testimonials. Do they have social media channels? Wait, do they even have a website? (Of course, if the answer is NO you have to tell them to read this blog LOL!).

Good websites typically have a:Website Structure Development

  •     Homepage
  •    ‘Contact us’ page
  •     Multiple projects pages
  •     Services pages ( which should always be separate pages for separate services       you provide)
  •     Maybe a gallery page
  •     And maybe a blog page

Other things may be added to make the website more industry-specific but for now, we will stick to the basics listed above.

Of photos and content…

website contentIt is always great to have your own photos on your website. Photos of previous work, photos of past work and photos of your major achievements as a company whether that is employee recognition schemes or milestones within your business are good for your website.

Professional photos are good but not mandatory as most phones today can take quality photos that can be used on websites. If you do not have any good photos of your own, there are tons of photo stock images and but can be to choose from.

From experience, I have found that best to write the general Bare Bones of the content and then have a professional content writer build it into something professional. Professionals will take your desired content and polish it.

The end product is an awesome piece crafted in the right type of language that speaks to your target customers.

Do I really need testimonials?

Client TestimonialsYes, you do! Trust that these are great to have on your website. Whether it is a written review, a video review, a photo review or any other type of review; testimonials let potential customers know that people have used your service and have been happy with what you offering.

The best way to get testimonials is to talk to your most trusted customers and just ask them for a review in their own words.

What can we do for you?

We have been in this business for four years and you best believe that we have created and managed numerous websites for six different businesses. We now have a small team that basically does all the work you need including:seo to do list

  •    SEO social media management
  •    website creation
  •    content management
  •    content creation

We have a passion for construction and a very broad understanding of the business models. It is this knowledge that we are combining with our experience to help construction businesses get online and improve their online presence.

What if I have an existing website

Having a website is but a start, remember? We also need to ensure that your website meets all of today’s guidelines. For instance is it compatible with most, if not all, mobile devices? This is one of the number one ranking factors that search engines take into account.

We can also help you keep your profile photo services and any other content up-to-date in. We may also need to review the SEO strategy for your business is. With an existing website, this strategy may need to be updated or completely changed in order to help your website rank higher on the search engines.

Right, let’s do this!

We would love to talk to you today! Give us a call or send us an email with a link to your website if you have one already. Our entire team is eager to meet you and chat the way forward for your construction business. We look forward to hearing from you, getting your business online and keeping it right at the top!

If you need assistance with construction business website marketing don’t look further than Measure Manage. We can provide the support and guidance your business needs to reach the next level.

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