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Measure Manage is a Quantity Surveying (QS) company founded to assist construction businesses in Australia. We offer a range of services for the construction industry. From drawing up contracts to full-fledged business development, we can handle every aspect of and assist businesses in commencing and completing projects with success across Australia.

Over the years, we have worked with a number of leading construction businesses in Australia, handling construction, mining and infrastructure projects with a solid track record. We have a team of QS experts, ensuring we remain on top of the industries trends and we constantly upgrade our services to adhere to the industry best practices.

We also keep a close eye on the markets we operate in, offering in-depth Quantity Surveying knowledge and insights to our clients to help them make the best possible decisions for their business. We evaluate the risks and value of construction projects, handle construction tenders, and work with professionals in the industry to expand and build our knowledge base.

We are familiar with the ins and outs of the market, which enables us to keep an eye on construction cost estimation trends. We can map an accurate estimate of the cost of a project using our QS personnel and resources. All our efforts are directed towards helping our clients complete construction projects with success.

We understand the unique paradigm of the construction industry and have the experience, expertise, and personnel to help you complete your project successfully. Get in touch with us to learn more about what our quantity surveying services offer and how we can ensure the utmost efficiency and profitability on your projects.

About Our Director Alastair Carey

Alastair grew up in the construction industry. His father is a carpenter by trade and owns a small building company in London. Growing up, Alastair would be at work every chance he could get with nearly every Saturday and school holiday spent on a building site.

This meant that he was able to see how buildings went for foundations to finishing. A lot of the time was spent out helping the trades at different stages of the building. Learning these skills from a young age meant he had a strong grasp of construction before pursuing a career as a quantity surveyor.

An offer from his fathers good friend to train as a junior quantity surveyor came along around the age of 17. After discussion with his family whether to pursue a career in carpentry or a more office based role was difficult. However he chose quantity surveying knowing that if it was not for him he could always come back to carpentry.

After starting at the bottom making tea, photocopying, running errands, assisting the other members of the office team he quickly showed that he already had solid knowledge and he was able to manage difficult tasks on his own.

Completing a Higher National Certificate on day release over two years from Bexley College in London meant that his effort was recognised. This was a major steppingstone to realising that he made the right choice in becoming a quantity surveyor.

His next move took him to Northern Ireland where he completed a degree whilst working full time for a PQS firm in Belfast. Working with a PQS firm gave him valuable experience on another side of quantity surveying that he had not seen before. Over 4 years he was able to manage several projects on his own and work in a team and solo when needed.

On completion of the BSc Quantity Surveyor from the University of Ulster Jordanstown it was time to move back to London and pursue the dream of travelling. Within 18 months of working with another business he was ready to move across to Australia via a 3 month trip through the middle east and Asia.

Within a short time of arrival in Australia he had secured a full-time job working in regional Western Australia. Again, he excelled in this company and was given sponsored with permanent residency following shortly after. After some time of residing in Australia, he decided it was the right time to pursue his Royal Institute of Quantity Surveyors recognition for his knowledge, expertise and experience.

A few short years went by and along came his RICS recognition, Australian Citizenship, two beautiful daughters, an amazing wife, a dog, a house and of course Measure Manage.

Alastair has shown his entrepreneurial drive through starting three of his own businesses. He has and still is today being educated by some of the best business minds in Australia through entrepreneurial courses, reading books, seminars, networking and talking with other business owners.


Core Values

Procedures, values and attitudes are crucial to our reputation – not to mention the success we enjoy.

Our Vision

We proactively and constantly look for new possibilities. Therefore, an important part of our vision is to attract & retain.

Our Mission

We meet our customers’ demands for a personal & professional service by offering innovative solutions.

Why Choose Us

We are focused on quality and compliance.

We ensure your projects meet all regulations and the expectations of all the stakeholders.

We are fully engaged.

We don’t just provide support from the sidelines, we are actively involved in helping you keep the project on track from the start.

We focus on details.

Our team keeps track of each aspect of a project, minor and major, enabling us to assist clients in the best way possible.

We deliver steady results.

Our fast turnaround time is facilitated by our considerable experience in the Quantity Surveying business.